Do You Want To Know What KANTO And WOOZI Are Upto “THESE DAYS”?

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Rapper Kanto is all set to make a comeback after two years with a new single!

Brand New Music recently updated the fans that Kanto is set to release a single on September 6th titled “These Days“.
Kanto debuted as a solo artist in the year 2013 with the single “What You Want”, which featured Sunggyu of INIFNITE.

Your surprise doesn’t just end with this!

SEVENTEEN’s Woozi will be featuring on the track.

On September 1st, Brand New Music posted a picture of Kanto and Woozi in a recording studio on twitter.

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It is been revealed that the song will be a medium tempo hip-hop track. Also, Kanto and Woozi matched pretty well during production. Since Seventeen’s debut and before, Woozi has been very well regarded for his writing and production skills.

The news about this collaboration has surely left the fans anticipating!


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