KCON is Heading to India After Abu Dhabi! Get Ready to Meet Your Favorite Idols!



Too good to believe right? But haven’t we seen it coming? After last year’s ‘Feel Korea’ where we had Teentop, ZE:AJ, 100%, Imfact, Bestie and Almeng, this is going to the next or maybe bigger KPOP festival for Indian fans!!! However unlike ‘Feel Korea’, KCON India will be a paid event and different tickets will be available for different artists (time to save up!), but with GOT7, VIXX and rising rookie ASTRO are coming for KCON India, who are we to complain about anything? KCON started off in USA and has been expanding to countries like Japan, Abu Dhabi and now, it’s time for INDIA!!!! It may be mentioned that VIXX had earlier attended KCON US along with GOT7 and VIXX will be attending KCON Canada as well. It will however be the first time for ASTRO to attend a KCON since they have debuted only recently but with the amount of love that they are receiving, we can surely expect a great stage from them as well!

But before we go into more details, let’s first know what KCON is! KCON is a festival celebrating Korean Music and Culture where you encounter Kmusic, Kfashion, Kdrama, Kbeauty and of course your favorite idols! A number of booths are set up ranging from exciting panels, interactive workshops to fanfiction reading and countless booths of fun dedicated to bringing the world of Hallyu closer to you! The past KPOP idols attending KCON list is a very impressive list with idols like 2PM, EXO, BTS, Block B, Taeyeon, Kyuhyun among many others! Fans who have attended KCON have always had positive response because of the wide range of  things it offers and now, Indian fans are going to have the same opportunity!!!!

KCON usually happens for more than a day and for India, since it’s the first event, it is going to be a 2 day event!! According to the official website which suddenly released the poster and information of the event, there will be a meet and greet, fan fiction reading, Kbeauty stalls and also Hi-touch!!

KCON India is definitely a blessing a disguise for all the Indian fans who have been waiting eagerly for something big like this to happen!  Information on the date or venue of the KCON India is not released yet but for more additional details regarding the KCON India, click on KCON INDIA the official website for the event and maybe you will be one of the lucky few who will win a pair of free tickets for promoting the event! Yes, tickets on giveaway for promoting the event!!!

Are you excited about KCON India?? Are we getting Music Bank as well??

Is the news too good to be true?

Well, we thought so too.

Sorry for raising your hopes but well, maybe one day, this will actually happen with us but until then, scream, get annoyed at us for writing this and making you dream but do laugh it off and join our bandwagon by sharing the article to fool your friends and don’t spoil the fun! Still confused? Happy April Fool’s day, dear readers! Thank you for all the love and support!




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