Kevin Woo & James Lee Crash A Wedding For “Falling”

Kevin Woo & James

Want to crash the wedding of your ex? Contact James and Kevin, as they have quite a handful of ideas to help you out.

The most anticipated music video for “Falling” a collaboration of James Lee and Kevin Woo was premiered on October 25 in My Daily Life followed by its release on YouTube on 27th. The prior released single had a huge reception among the audience as the expectations for the music video kept growing with number of teasers released in the week. Being the first collaboration of the solo artists, Kevin and James have put in great efforts in bringing the flying colours of the duo.

The Single

“Falling” is an electro-ballad with heavy guitar riffs and rhyming drum beats. The catchy track showcases on the duo’s mellow and soothing vocals as they narrate the misfortune of one-sided love. With an influence of retro and modern western instrumentals, the single feels complete in the very first listen. The lyrics penned down by the artists themselves, stages the melancholy of lost love.

Despite the serious tone of the song, the chorus “Oh, I’m falling Back to where I started. There’s something that you do to me. You always get the best of me and every time I try to walk away. I go back under,” never fails to skip our head, as it turns out to be our daily listen. The single is also available in two different languages, English and Korean pleasing both native and international fans to sing along with the beat.

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The Music Video

 As for the music video, the duo unravels their acting skills while crashing a wedding gathering. James Lee starring as the protagonist initiates the storyline while Kevin Woo joins in as a Wingman helping his mate to make the scene. Set in the 80’s style of LA, James and Kevin become absolute charmers as they grace the show in suits style. Despite the sad notion of the song, the video is set in a comedic way to entertain the viewers. The whole of 3 minutes 21 seconds is assured for a hefty fun with a series of live events happening around.

Further, while reaching the climax, the tension builds up and becomes more pathetic as the protagonist is beaten up black and blue and found lying all alone on the floor. The abrupt end has also kept the fans guessing for part 2 if possible.

The single since its release on Spotify and YouTube has been a favourite listen among the fans for almost two months. The love and support from the fans can be still seen through their lively comments and messages on various platforms. The unconditional support from the fans for both the single and duo might help us in seeing more JamesXKevin collaborations in the future. Let us hope for the best.

Don’t forget to check out Kevin Woo and James Lee on Spotify.

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