Kiggen releases new single ‘I’m Serious’

Kiggen's new single features VIXX's Ravi, Eluphant and Esbee


Hip hop trio Phantom’s (팬텀) Lee Ki Won better known by his stage name Kiggen (키겐) has released a new single “I’m Serious (Feeling of Being Thrown Away/버려진 기분).”

The track features Eluphant (이루펀트), Ravi (라비) from VIXX and ESBEE, its a song about hope. The track is directed at teenagers, those who are still in the in-between of childhood and adulthood. The calm, smooth track is laced with beautiful vocals and some amazing rap as the four artists sing about how real life has not even begun for teenagers.

Not only did Kiggen write the lyrics of “I’m Serious”, he also produced, composed and edited the soulful track himself, with each featured artist also writing their own lyrics!

Check out the single below!


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