Kim Bum Joins The Cast of “Mrs. Cop 2”

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Actor Kim Bum is returning to dramaland with “Mrs Cop 2”!

On February 12, a SBS representative revealed that Kim Bum has indeed joined the elite cast of “Mrs Cop 2” and is set to play the role of  Lee Ro Joon. The character is said to be the appealing and intelligent director of EL Capital, the largest private loan company in the business. Lee Ro Joon is best described as a man who has two faces. In public he plays the good card who is handsome, caring and charming but in reality he is a cold person and has a lot of secrets. He is a smooth talker and hence, gets out everything he wants and uses them against people.

It seems Kim Bum is going to go through a severe transformation to play that character and it will be exciting to see him in negative character. We last saw Kim Bum last year in the drama “Hidden Identity” where he played the protagonist who is an undercover homicide detective.

“Mrs Cop 2” is sequel to SBS’s popular drama “Mrs Cop”. The story revolves around a middle age female detective who finds herself in the middle of a case which is vividly similar to the case she failed to solve six years ago.

Besides Kim Bum, the cast includes Im Seulong, Kim Min-jong and Son Dam-bi. The drama is set to follow “I Have a Lover” on Saturdays and Sundays beginning in early March.

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