Kim So Hyun Courted For her Next Lead Role!

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Kim So Hyun is ready to scare you in her new tvN drama ‘Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight’!

Her agency confirmed her casting. They also revealed that the actress is working hard to show an improved and new side of hers, hence, asking the fans to anticipate the upcoming drama. This drama is adaptation of the webtoon “Let’s Fight Ghost.” It was first published in 2007 and has more than 700 million views.

This is a story of a girl Kim Hyun Ji who in her living days did nothing but study. In an unfortunate incident she loses her life and dies young and became a ghost. She wanders around the world aimlessly for years. Later she meets a man named Park Bong Pal. He possesses the power to see ghosts and helps the unrest ghost to pass on. The two of them decides to work together and perform exorcisms. The role of Kim Hyun Ji is offered to Kim So Hyun. For the male lead, the words are out that 2pm’s Taecyeon has been approached.

Kim So Hyun, over the years has won hearts of the masses with her splendid acting so no doubt fans are super excited for her next drama. This drama will mark her third lead role in Kdrama world.

Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight is expected to air in July.

Are you excited about this drama?


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