Kim Jung Eun to wed in March 2016 !

Actress Kim Jung Eun to wed in March next year!


It was reported by an insider that actress Kim Jung Eun (김정은) will be off the hook and will be getting married in March next year!

The actress who is best known for her roles in ‘Marrying The Mafia‘, ‘Lovers in Paris‘, ‘On Air‘ and most recently ‘Make A Woman Cry‘, will be tying the knot in the US with a man who is said to be her age. The wedding supposedly will not be an extravagant one and will only include close friends and family. The couple are also said to be currently in US finalizing wedding plans.

The insider has said – “She’s preparing her marriage in secret. She hasn’t confirmed an exact date, but it’ll be in March next year. Instead of a fancy wedding, she’ll have a small wedding with just friends and family in USA. She’s going to be traveling with her groom after her wedding and then return to Korea.

Apparently Kim Jung Eun and her fiance have dated for about three years. Although her husband’s name has not been revealed, the insider has reported that he is a respectable man who works in a financial firm.

A friend has also said – “They match so well. They dated for 3 years and always cared for and respected each other. More than anything, her husband-to-be supports her acting promotions actively.

It is always wonderful to hear when someone finds their true love. We heartily congratulate Kim Jung Eun and her fiance!


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