Kim woo bin and shin min ah confirmed to be dating!


After Dispatch published possible article on the two dating and pictures of them going on dates , Kim Woo Bin and Shin Min ah have both released an official statement on their relationship status!
While fan girls were buzzing with mixed feelings, the new couple is now official!
Kim Woo Bin’s agency, Sidus HQ told OSEN on July 22nd that “Kim Woo Bin is currently dating Shin Min Ah.They previously met at a photo shoot for a brand and have progressed into a more serious relationship.”
Shin Min Ah’s agency Mother Company Entertainment also released their official statement.
Hello,This is Shin Min Ah’s agency, Mother Company Entertainment.
After checking with the initial reports of Shin Min Ah,we confirmed that they are indeed dating.
After continuing their friendship after the photoshoot, they have progressed into a more serious relationship after confirming each others’ feelings.
So that they can be a beautiful couple that can continue their love,I hope that you all give the love and support.
Thank you.”
For many fan girls this is heart breaking news but well, am sure she will keep our Oppa happy so let us give lots of love to this new couple.How many of you are shipping this adorable couple?
Source: OSEN,koreaboo