KittiB And Jace Drop Collab MV For “So Busy” For Cosmopolitan’s 16th Anniversary



K-hip hop rappers KittiB and JACE of Miss $ have collaborated to release a track together!

On 20th September, the duo dropped the music video for “So Busy,” which is an anthem for independent, hard-working women whose work is taking over their lives to the point that they don’t have time to even think of dating and are sick of the speculations on their private life. In addition to the two talented rappers, the track also features Kanto and DJ Juice.

The single was made as a collaboration project between Brand New Music and Cosmopolitan to celebrate the magazine’s sixteenth anniversary. The lyrics were written by KittiB and JACE and were inspired by stories sent in by Cosmoplitan’s readers.

KittiB and JACE both previously appeared on the popular female rapper survival show “Unpretty Rapstar,” with KittiB coming in second place in the second season, and JACE appearing in the show’s first season.

Check out the MV below!


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