KNK is Coming back Without A Music Video?


Boygroup KNK’s agency YNB Entertmaint made a statement on November 17 about their preparations for the upcoming comeback, which will be sans music video.

A music video being suddenly uploaded on any boygroup’s SNS channel is usually the first step to the comeback. However, YNB Entertainment has released a statement mentioning their decision to dispose off the new music video for KNK’s album ‘Remain‘ and their title song ‘U‘.

A representative of the agency states, ‘“We want to say that we are most apologetic to the fans who were awaiting the music video for KNK′s new track. There are no plans to film the music video again. We will show our perfect side through live performances.”

The music video has been disposed off due to issues with the quality, after several discussions between the boygroup and their agency. However, KNK has promised to work very hard on their live performances to promote their comeback in an earnest manner. This only means more work for their fans. Are you ready for it Tinker bells?

KNK will be coming back with their first set of promotions for their album ‘Remain’ on November 17th.


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