KNK S/S COLLECTION [Mini Album Review]


If you haven’t heard about KNK before, then listening to S/S COLLECTION is the best way to start your journey as a Tinkerbell.

The 4th single album, S/S COLLECTION released on July 15 comes out with three different tracks including their much preferred single of the Era, “Sunset.” Pitching with a new genre for the comeback, the quintet promisingly pulls in a new audiences while successfully satisfying their prestigious fans.


The album begins with a prominent track, “Sunset,” an EDM house track filled with addictive beats. With deep hushes from Park Seoham, the single unravels itself to its slender verses from the vocalists. The dark sensual love song is capable of holding its audience with the inevitably catchy hooks. Though we are bound to repeat the repetitive chorus from the very first listen, the pre-chorus lead by Inseong does magic in stirring up our excitement during every listen.

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We Are The One

The second track the album, “We Are The One” creeps in pretty keyboard notes followed by Oh Heejun’s slender whisper and Kim Jihun’s mellow lines. The slight track elevates as a pure pop track as it heads to the chorus and well-paced rap verses of Dongwon. Despite holding fewer hooks compared to the single, the song manages to please the listeners by harmonizing the sweet pain of love.


With heavy breaths, the last track “Fade” tunes a melody. The ballad track stands out to be more competent for a single in the list, as the members croon together to pleasure our eardrums. The sweet cravings during the chorus singing, “I wanted you to be my woman. I wanted you,” from Heejun and Inseong can very well make us fall in love with the quintet, as it binds us close with the album.

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S/S COLLECTION on the whole as an album is very well capable of making the act withstand the industry’s revolution due to its new style and genre. With much expectation, let us wish KNK the best as they start marking their presence through “Sunset.”

Did you listen to KNK’s S/S COLLECTION? What are your thoughts about their new album? Comment your thoughts below!


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