KOREA FESTIVAL 2015 ends with flying colours!

Take a journey with us and visit the beautiful Korea Festival held in Delhi.

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Just as 2015 was being counted as the best year for KPOP for K-pop fans in India, the announcement of KOREA FESTIVAL 2015 to be held in the National Capital, Delhi was as an icing to the cake! For people who love K-POP/K-DRAMA and are living in Delhi, this was definitely a bonus as the Korea Festival had the Korean culture, traditional food, art etc along with the package of K-pop and K-drama!

Korea festival 2015 – Lively Jeollabuk-do, the essence of Korea, came up with the joined efforts of  Korean cultural centre India  and South Korea’s Jeollabuk-do Province Council which started off with the grand opening by important dignitaries such as Dr. Udit RajMember of Parliament, Pramod Jain – Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Kim Kum PyongDirector of the Korean Cultural Centre India and Sang Soo Koo – President of the Korean Association in India. This marked an important milestone and raised the hopes that a lot more of exchange will happen between the two countries -Korea and India- that has a history dated back to centuries.

The team of Destination KPOP India attended the festival on all days and for those who could not be a part of it or just wants a flashback, here is our journey for you!

The event kicked off with full zestful crowd and we were quite surprised by the turn out as it was a lot more than what we expected but who is complaining? The more, The merrier! The food stalls had delicious Korean delicacies like Jajangmyeon, Bibimbap, Kimbab amongst others which made the visitors drool over it even just by walking past the stall! The food products were selling like hot pan-cakes and by half the day the stalls were all swept clean, which was of course a good sign!

The stalls around the Select City walk felt like ‘Little Korea’ and we witnessed that the visitors were really enjoying every bit of it, be it the food or exhibition stalls. Check out the pictures below!


Iconic act, JUMP took on the stage both the days and didn’t fail make every single audience smile and  by the end of the festival , the audiences were definitely holding on to their stomachs and jaws from laughing so much.

One of the most anticipated acts was definitely the K-Tigers as we all know their history and presence on the K-POP scenario which of course includes winning Bigbang Taeyang’s dance video cover event, having really awesome choreography to KPOP songs like Growl by EXO and not forgetting the really awesome Taekwondo moves. And how can we forget the good looks!

And hence, we knew that K-tigers would definitely give a show worth the time and well, we were definitely not wrong! We were actually mesmerised by the perfect blend of K-pop and marshal arts  which they synchronized  like the perfect wavelength and by the time they finished their performance  they left the crowd kept screaming ENCORE!


Besides them the BBOY crew ‘GAMBLERZ’ also drew huge attention as they took us into the world of b-boying showcasing their moves and mesmerizing the audience with their skills. They even conducted a semi workshop and taught their skills to those who were willing to learn especially the B-boys and B-girls of India and spent their free time interacting with them. The members of ‘GAMBLERZ’ crew were definitely amazing and they had quite a great crew.

Another highlight of the event was the flash mob/dance performances by our very own Delhi K-POP fans. They danced to the beats of various K-pop songs and entertained the audience with their moves. This was definitely a great idea to show the rest that Indian fans are definitely passionate about their love for K-pop. Thumbs up for this initiative!

Besides this, the traditional Korean dance, Hanji Hanbok fashion show and story telling were also part of the event which gained huge interest from the audience and both the days ended with Korean DJ night hosted by DJ ZESTY (Gamblerz crew) who played K-POP songs and left the crowd on the dance floor wanting for more.


This event was definitely a successful one! And like how all things come to an end, the KOREA FESTIVAL 2015 ended with one big successful attempt with a hope that the next is just going to be better and bigger !

P.S. Did we mention we have an exclusive interview with K-tigers and  Gamblerz crew ? Yes , we had the chance to sit and have a little chat with them before they headed back to Korea and they even left a message for the Indian fans ! Keep watching out this space  and follo our various SNS accounts for more updates!