[UPDATED] KOREA FESTIVAL 2016 x How to BOOK PASSES for the festival

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04.11.16: More details of the upcoming KOREA FESTIVAL 2016 has been released by Korean Cultural Centre India. You can find the event timings and activities below.

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Grab you passess ASAP. You don’t want to miss this!!!



For all those wanting to attend the KOREA FESTIVAL on the 18th, needs to get passes to enter the venue as 18th November (Friday) is a business day and closed to public. Therefore, you can only enter if you have the passes issued by Korean Cultural Centere India. You can e-mail to book the passes at [email protected] You can also address any queries regarding the passes to them.

As for 19th November (Saturday), it will be open to public with the normal Pragati Maidan Entry Fee.

Please follow KOREAN CULTURAL CENTRE INDIA PAGE for more details and updates on the passes, timing etc.


It’s that time of the year for all K-Pop/Kdrama fans to indulge and pamper yourself with all things korean. From delicious Korean cuisine to vibrant cultural performance and not forgetting, Idol groups to quench your K-Pop thrist. Yes they have it all and you don’t want to miss it!

The KOREA FESTIVAL 2016 will be a 2 day event (18th – 19th November) held at the biggest India International Fair, Hamsadhwani theatre, Pragati Maidan from 5:00pm onwards.

DAY 1 i,e 18th November, will be a ticketed event which will require an ENTRY PASS from all the guest attending the event. You can contact Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) at [email protected] to book your invitation for your friends and family. They will update how and when the passes can be collected.
DAY 2 i,e 19th November, the admission is FREE and open to public.
K-Pop Idol groups, B.I.G and A.Cian will headline this year’s Korea Festival. Read about the group HERE
For more information please check HERE
You can also check Korean Cultural Centre India Facebook Page for more updates.
Who is attending?
Stay tune for more updates!!


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