K-POP Contest India 2018 Grand Finale To Be Held In NEW DELHI!

Kpop India

The K-POP CONTEST INDIA 2018 Grand Finale will be held in New Delhi at Siri Fort Auditorium on July 9th at 6PM!

The upcoming KPop Contest India 2018 is a part of the unique festival organized by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), is a world-wide event for K-pop fans with a fierce competition in the biggest scale. The preliminary rounds held in around 70 countries single out a representative for the final stage in Changwon.

Meanwhile, the second phase of the contest which is the regional round is scheduled to be head in 10 regions across the country. Check out the following dates below:
Mizoram – 16th June
New Delhi – 16th June
Bangalore – 17th June
Patna – 20th June
Manipur – 22nd June
Hyderabad – 22nd June
Mumbai – 23rd June
ODisha – 23rd June
Chennai – 30th June

Stay tuned for more!


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