Kris And Luhan Finally Come To A Settlement With S.M. Entertainment


The long awaited result of the lawsuit filed by Kris and Luhan on S.M.E has been declared.

The court has declared that Kris and Luhan’s contracts will stay with S.M. until 2022 as it was originally written in it. They both will pay 10% of their revenue to the company as per their contract. According to the final judgement, Kris and Luhan cannot promote in Korea and Japan as they are under S.M. for now. Also, they will be under S.M. but will not promote as members of EXO.

Korean Netizens and International fans are giving mixed reviews on the final verdict of the long battle between Kris, Luhan and S.M. Some fans are happy with the decision while the others are not. What’s your opinion?


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