Kwon Sang-Woo Cast for Lead Role in Chinese Drama “Returning Love”

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Actor Kwon Sang-woo is confirmed to play the main character in the upcoming Chinese drama “Returning Love”.

The actor’s agency has confirmed the news on 11th March regarding his upcoming Chinese drama where he will be seen in the role of Song Jin Nam.

The drama series will depict the story of a man who suffers from Amnesia following an earthquake. Since then Song Jin Nam struggles between two women, his wife and the women who helps him during his Amnesia period. As he gradually recovers from amnesia the true meaning of love will come to light.

When asked about the drama, Kwon expressed his view on the drama. The actor said that he felt the great charm in the story that evokes thoughts about sincere love and the lead Song Jin Nam who gets entangled in violent fate. He also stated that he is preparing with full energy and excitement to this new drama and will do his his best to show his good acting.

As one of the most anticipated drama in China, the drama also includes top Chinese actors like Wang Ziwen, David Wang and Li Nian. Kwon recently completed filming another Chinese drama “Destiny Of Love” which is expected to premiere in Hunan TV.

Kwon Sang-woo will be heading to Beijing this month to start filming “Return Love”.

Who else is excited for this new drama?


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