L.JOE Files For Nullfication Of His Contract!

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Teentop’s member L.JOE files for nullification of this contract with T.O.P MEDIA.

Top Media released an official statement revealing that L.Joe has filed for nullification of his contract which originally is till January 2018. They stated that they have requested him to continue in part-taking in Teentop’s activity for the remaining 10 months. However, L.Joe announce his request for nullification of the contract and stated that he will no longer participate in the group’s activity.

The conflict started last October when L.Jo met with T.O.P Media regarding renewal of his contract where he put out his thoughts of leaving the group and pursuing as a soloist. The label refused and put restriction on his solo activities. Eventually, the relationship between the two went downhill there on.

In addition, L.Joe was offered a drama position that fit his role, acting experience and recognition. However, the company overpassed any engagement in contract negotiation even after repeated contact and demanded for a salary that was seven times the negotiated price which resulted in the offer to fall through.

Meanwhile, the 5 members have all renewed their contract with T.O.P MEDIA.

Stay tuned for updates.


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