LABOUM Asks For Your Support For “MV Makestar Project”

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The next group to join “MV Makestar Project” is rookie girl group LABOUM!

The girls are gearing up for their comeback in April, but they want help from the fans for making their MV. Makestar is a website which helps kpop groups by crowdfunding. The concept of crowdfunding is that the fans donate some generous amount to help out the group in making their MVs. Along with the funding, this technique helps in the promotion of the band. Previously, band like Stellar took part in this project and received a lot of attention and love.

LABOUM set a target of $8,261. They set April 4 as their deadline to raise the funds. But astonishingly, the target fund was raised within 4 hours of the announcement of the project! Hence, making the project  successful. LABOUM still has 47 days to declare the completion of the project.They have already raised $13,407. Pledgers who took part in the project will receive signed merchandise from the group and few lucky fans would be able to visit LABOUM to their MV filming set.

LABOUM is 6 member girl group under NH media and Nega Network. They debuted in August 2014 with their debut single album Petit Macaron. We recently saw the lovely ladies with their comeback with their single “Aalow Aalow”. The song gives off an elegant yet funky retro vibe, thus, making it everybody’s jam. They have been receiving lots of love because of their breathtaking vocals.

In case, you have missed out their music, check out the MV for “Aalow Aalow” below:


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