LABOUM Is On A ‘Fresh Adventure’ In Comeback MV!

Get ready for LABOUM's 'Fresh Adventure'!

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The party girls of LABOUM are back!

Girl group LABOUM made their comeback with their fourth single album ‘Fresh Adventure’ and a music video for the title track was released on April 6, 12:00 A.M. KST. The catchy title track is an upbeat pop song that will instantly uplift your spirit! And the music video is so inspiring!

“Why waste a beautiful day, when you have your buddies with you! So, get up you, the-lazy-one, and see how beautiful the world can be!”

Check out the beautiful MV below

The album ‘Fresh Adventure’ will have a total of five songs. The songs being – an ‘Intro’, their title track, ‘3Strike Out’, ‘Caterpillar’ and an instrumental for their title track! The title track is a work of famous composers MUSOH and GALAX.

kpop india {kpop-india}LABOUM Is On A ‘Fresh Adventure’ In Comeback MV!laboum tracklist

To get a gist of their awesome songs, check out their audio teaser for the album:

Interestingly, in February, 2016, LABOUM launched a campaign to fund their music video of upcoming album ‘Fresh Adventure’ on the popular crowdfunding platform Makestar. The group offered an “Honorary Producer” title in the credits of the music video credits to those who donated $82.70 or more. It was reported that the campaign reached its goal of $8,261 in just four hours.

Did you feel the rush with LABOUM’s ‘Fresh Adventure’?


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