LAY’s Lose Control Teaser is out!

Kpop India

Our favorite Zhang CEO is out with his first album, as a solo singer, and the teaser has been released!

With the release of a title song “What you need“, the EXO member had hinted at the release of a solo album named ‘Lose Control’.

This will be Lay’s first album outside of EXO, continuing his activities in China as an actor. The first teaser shows us a little bit of the kind of sounds we should expect from his next single ‘Lose Control‘ which seems to be synth pop circa 2013. Though we know SM Entertainment has always taken the classic pop music and put their own twist on it, we are beginning to feel excited about their style choices with Lay’s new release. Looks like we’ll have to wait it out and see –

But that doesn’t seem to be all the surprise that EXO has got for us. Have you heard about the hot unit debut dated for 30th October? That’s right! The reservoir idols – ChenBaekXi are coming for you.



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