Learn ‘Alphabets’ with Luna

Kpop India

Who does not like a YouTuber??? At least I do. Also, YouTube is one of the best and only ways through which International fans can feel close to their idols 🙁 I understand guys!! I am an international fan too 🙁

On August 12, SM Entertainment revealed that f(x)’s Luna will be having her own YouTube channel “Alphabet“, where she will post videos related to her personal interests, according to Alphabet theme i.e taking a letter(A to Z) each day and talking about stuff starting with it.

Fans didn’t get the time to even function the news properly through their heads when the first video was uploaded on her channel. In this video, she basically explained what the channel is all about (and that she is having pizza party, WITHOUT ME *I’ll just sit here and cry*)

After Amber (What the Pineapple with Scott), Luna is the second member to open a YouTube channel. So, let’s look out for her. Fighting Unnie!!

Check out Luna’s first video here and make sure to subscribe!!


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