Lee Hwi Jae’s Twins Suh Uhn & Suh Jun are Off to School!

Suh Uhn and Suh Jun starts their pre-school!


Time flies, it sure does fly indeed! Feels like it was just yesterday that Lee Hwi Jae’s adorable twins Suh Uhn and Suh Jun came to “The Return of Superman” as little babies and today, they are already off to pre-school!

On March 9th, the twins’ mom Moon Jung Won shared a photo on her Instagram with the caption “The twins are about to start their school, but they are already used to it. #alreadyusedtoit #firststepasamomofstudents #bestrong “.

In the photo which Moon Jung Won shared, both Suh Jun and Suh Uhn looks really happy and excited to go to school and just like the twins and their parents, even the viewers are eager to hear and know about the twins’ new beginning.

It is a mixed feeling seeing the twins grow up and there is always that fear in the viewers’ hearts that Suh Uhn and Suh Jun too will leave “The Return of Superman” one day. Meanwhile, let us send lots of love to our adorable twins for their new journey!


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