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Actor Lee Jong Suk has only recently finished up his hit drama W – Two Worlds, which aired it’s last episode on 14th September.

Appearing for his first magazine interview since the end of the drama, Jong Suk shares some of his ideas about his character, and the challenges he faced with it.

When asked about why he chooses the characters that he prefers to play, He says that “I prefer characters with stories behind them. Only when it is like that, the significance of the character can be demonstrated, viewers can also empathize with the character more easily.

Compared to his previous work in dramas such as Secret Garden, Pinocchio and Doctor Stranger, Jong Suk had reported that he faced a lot of challenges in accurately portraying his character Kang Chul.

“The most confusing thing is the fast pace of development, it is hard physically but I am constantly troubled about whether I can explain the character’s emotional development adequately.”

He mentioned that the faced his first road block during episode 11, as he had to portray a Kang Chul who had realized his identity as a comic character, not once, but twice. He explains how he chose to be more emotionally driven during the first time, and take a more rational route for the second. ‘What would Kang Chul do?’ was a constant thought that motivated Jong Suk into fitting accurately into the role.

The result, after all that hard work, was clearly phenomenal. W achieved one of the highest ratings of a Wed-Thurs drama during its airing schedule. This was only possible because of the riveting story line and the marvelous acting of both Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo. Jong Suk states that he relied a lot on Hyo Joo to lead him to understand the emotional development of Kang Chul better.

“I relied a lot of Han Hyo Joo-ssi. She looked at my acting from a very close distance, when the person who was looking at my eyes said it, isn’t that close to the true answer to a certain extent?”

Jong Suk goes onto state that his favorite scene where he was the most satisfied with his acting, was when he met the creator of the comic. The sheer complexity of Kang Chul’s feelings were a welcome challenge to Jong Suk, who had to prepare his monologues and facial changes well for that scene. He states that he focused a lot on the subtle movements of his face and worked meticulously for the end results.


In the world of K-Drama, it isn’t easy to discern which drama would be an instant hit with it’s viewers, when only about 4 episodes of the story are prepared before production begins. When posed with the question about his choice of dramas so far, Jong Suk states – “I tend to concentrate on the character. I like it more when the setting (of the character) is special.”





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