Lee Jong Suk Officially Joins YG Entertainment

Kpop India

After termination of his contract with his previous agency Wellmade Yedang back in 31st December 2015, actor Lee Jong Suk signs with YG Entertainment and becomes a member of YG family.

On May 10th YG Entertainment made an official announcement regarding star becoming part of YG Family.

Lee Jong Suk who came into light with his role in ‘Secret Garden’ rose to popularity with his acting in the drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’, He established his spot in the industry with his performance in the  drama ‘Pinocchio’ and ‘Doctor Stranger’ and became well known actor through out Asia.

After parting with his agency last year Lee decided to be independent for a while and decided to focus on his acting. He also released statement back then that he will be an independent artist till he finishes his upcoming Koren-Chinese series ‘Jade Lovers’, now that filming ended Lee has chosen to become a part of YG Entertainment.

While YG Entertainment which was solely a music management until last year, started spreading its wings towards acting management by attracting World famous Hallyu stars. Actor Lee Jong Suk will be joining top grade actors list in YG which includes actors like Cha Seung Won and Kang Dong Won.

Meanwhile Lee’s comeback drama ‘W’ is scheduled to premiere on July 20, taking the place of ‘Lucky Romance’ on MBC.


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