Lee Jong Suk shares thoughts on W’s Finale

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{kpop-india}Lee Jong Suk shares thoughts on W’s FinaleLee Jong Suk2Lee Jong Suk and Han Hyo Joo’s currently airing drama W, will be wrapping up on 13th September with it’s final episode. Though the ardent fans of W will be sad to see it go, it will be airing right before Chuseok, and will be providing a happy comfort to all those that are gathered with their families.

The drama shot its finale episode on September 11th and Lee Jong suk shared a few of his thoughts regarding his character as Kang Chul, and his future projects.

It was harder than other productions, but it was also more rewarding.  It was very new for me, and I think I’ll change a lot because of this production.

The actor shared some of his thoughts and condelences about the delaying of this drama, on his V app live a few days ago. He mentioned about the delay in the episodes due to the Rio Olympics airing, and also because of Chuseok specials being filmed. He states that he is currently busy with photo shoot and other schedules which had been unfortunately delayed.

Upon being asked about his future projects, he said, “Starting tomorrow, I will enter preparations while sharing deep conversations with the director for my next production.  I think filming will begin next month.  I’m not sure if it will do well, but I plan to gain weight [for the role].  I hope all of you eat a lot of yummy food during the holidays.”

Truly, what a kind-hearted gentleman!

The “W” producers also shared their thoughts on the closing episode by stating, “Thanks to viewers’ interest and love we were able to have our final filming on the 11th. With the Chuseok holiday starting on the 14th, we ask that viewers watch the final episode with their families.”

We at Destination K-Pop also hope you guys enjoy the last episode of “W” and enjoy some good time with your families!



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