Lee Kwang Soo To Romance Jung So Min In ‘The Sound Of Your Heart’!

The longest running webtoon is now a drama!

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Upcoming KBS drama ‘The Sound Of Your Heart’ has confirmed the casting of Jung So Min and Lee Kwang Soo as the leads!

The highly anticipated comedy drama is based on Korea’s longest running webtoon, ‘Maeumui Sori’ (The Sound Of Your Heart), written by Jo Seok. The webtoon is based on real people in the writer’s life and was first published on September, 2006.

Asia Prince ‘Giraffe’ will play the role of clumsy male lead Jo Seok and his charming, happy-go-lucky better half, Ae Bong, will be portrayed by actress Jung So Min, better known as Oh Hani of ‘Playful Kiss’ by almost all Indian K-drama fans.

Earlier, EXID’s Hani was in talks for the female lead but Jung So Min’s SM C&C confirmed, “It is true that Jung So Min has been confirmed to play the female lead Ae Bong in ‘The Sound of Your Heart.’”

Others joining the cast of ‘The Sound Of Your Heart’ are well-known actors, Kim Mi kyung as Lee Kwang Soo’s mom and Kim Dae Myung as his hyung.

This is KBS’s second ‘sitcom-style variety drama’ after ‘Producer’. It will be released in 10 episodes running 10 minutes each, first on Naver‘s online video platform TVCast and will then be aired on KBS.

‘The Sound Of Your Heart’ is expected to premiere in October, with a simultaneous broadcast in China.

Are you excited for this comedy filled 100 minutes journey?


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