Lee Min Ho in a double role?

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What is better than watching Lee Min Ho starring in a drama?? Watching TWO Lee Min Ho’s in it! Wouldn’t that be great if he had a twin brother?

Well, this dream of ours is kind of coming true in the upcoming SBS drama “Legend of the Blue Sea”. Lee Min Ho is going to play a double role in this fantasy romance drama. The drama is based on one of the mermaid stories from Korea’s first collection of historical myths. In Joseon-Era storybooks, it is recorded that a person named Kim Dam Nyeong returned mermaids/merman, caught by fishermen, back to the sea.

Lee Min Ho’s first character is of Kim Mu/Moo, son of a Kim Dam Nyeong. Another role that he will be playing is that of a genius scammer/con artist, Heo Jun Jae. As the con artist, Heo Jun Jae, he’ll transform and act as a lawyer, doctor, businessman (and more) to scam various people while adding a little bit of humor within these roles.

The drama is scheduled to air this November.

Are you excited about this new development?


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