Lee Min Ho Signs Up with New Agency with his Sister as the CEO!

Lee Min Ho signs up with MYM Entertainment!


Actor Lee Min Ho has signed up with a new agency, MYM Entertainment (Me and You Making Entertainment), which is jointly managed by the actor’s previous agency Starhaus Entertainment’s CEO Jang Young Hoon and Euphoria Seoul’s CEO Lee Yoon Jung, who happens to be Lee Min Ho’s actual sister!

According to a representative of MYM Entertainment, the company will focus on expanding the Hallyu wave around the world and will also help Lee Min Ho to show and expand his career as an artist. They also added that they plan to recruit many more artists in the future and strive towards becoming a leading global agency.

Meanwhile, the actor is currently in the middle of the promotions for his upcoming film ‘Bounty Hunters‘ and we can also expect him to star in a new drama soon towards the end of the year.

We hope that we can see more of Lee Min Ho in the future and that he gets more success under his new agency!


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