#Legends photo shoot of CL

Kpop India

First Dara and now CL, YG entertainment’s girl group 2NE1 might have been out from promoting as a group for the time being but the ladies are slaying everywhere else.

We recently saw Sandara Park owning a photoshoot for a magazine with a rather contradicting concept from all her previous ones but nevertheless, Miss Park rocked the dark and poise look.

The photos below are of CL for #Legends magazine, Hong Kong. CL is featured for the september issue.

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Overall, the concept might remind you of a similar concept, mixture that made the Power Puff Girls and the ingredients are Katy Perry meets Marina and the diamonds with Marilyn Monroe and Melanie Martinez but CL as the Chemical X, the bomb. You’ll see her being elegant yet the sensual side taking over, casual in a whole other level. Forget about basics and minimalist style 100 yards away, every outfit has an over the top story to tell. CL seem to never fail taking on a new look even a Lolita style was executed far off.

If you live in Hong Kong or have someone you know, do grab a copy of #Legends and get Lifted with her transformation.


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