Let’s Get Dumb & Dumber With iKon


On December 24th Midnight KST iKon released their title track ‘Dumb & Dumber’.  It’s one of the tracks from their full-length album ‘Welcome back’. This track “Dumb & Dumber” illustrates going crazy and having fun. The rookie group under YG label amazed everyone with their crazy, colorful and polished selves from their comeback and in a matter of few days iKon hit more than 3 Million views on their official YouTube channel!

Seven members saying goodbye to sanity as the moon comes out and saying Hello to their dreamy lands where they are breaking boundaries of craziness and stretching limits of logic.

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The music video starts with B.I slipping into a Dream where all  the members are in a car looking all ready to play their mix tapes and as soon as they hit play the craziness begins! Just like BI, other member starts slipping into their dream land and other members are joining them in it to make their dreams more berserk. Bobby tiptoeing into B.I’s dream as a thief was just hilarious.
Their ride and amazing background music took them further and further to their most maniacal dreams where they’re doing nothing but losing control, Getting Dumb and Dumber. 

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Ikon dumb {kpop-india}Let’s Get Dumb & Dumber With iKon2016 01 07 3 300x169


Junhoe and Chanwoo pulled the werewolf concept magnificently and Junhoe looked more than sexy in those fangs.
There were many hilarious moments in the music video but the most memorable were definitely Jinhwan sitting on a tree pretending to be an owl acting all ‘Koohcoo’.

ikon dumb {kpop-india}Let’s Get Dumb & Dumber With iKon2016 01 07 20 300x169

Their Synchronized mouth wipes, riding a huge dog and derp expression will definitely tempt you to get dumb. The Video also gives you the vibe of 90’s time to time and their craziness itself invokes you to dance along with them.
I liked how they demonstrated the feeling of getting drunk while partying as astronauts levitating in space!

2016-02-02 (8) {kpop-india}Let’s Get Dumb & Dumber With iKon2016 02 02 8 300x169

“The sky is spinning
My head is hurting
My walk is stumbling
We goin dumb”

The Music video is full of colors, looks very enjoyable and funny. The seven members sure had fun head-banging, dancing in night suits and sometimes with huge hands (they were also playing rock-paper-scissors with those large hands!). Even after they woke up from their lunatic dreams, they still acted like idiots while jamming in their jammies.

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The Song is the new party anthem, it’s a fast pace tempo track with the perfect combination of rap and vocals. I liked how the tempo fluctuates. When I first I heard it, it reminded me of LMFAO’s Park Rock Anthem because of the similar start up line ‘Party People’.
The lyrics illustrate the wolf pack of seven (iKon)  likes to leave sanity as the moon comes out and are ready to break boundaries of craziness and stretching beyond limits of logic.

The track is produced and arranged by future bounce and the lyrics were written by the two talented members – B.I and Bobby.
The Music makes you groove to the beats and go crazy with it. The lyrics are also really interesting and catchy! You hear it once and you’ll be singing it all day long.

ikon {kpop-india}Let’s Get Dumb & Dumber With iKon2016 02 02 4 300x169

iKon released eleven tracks on their comeback album ‘Welcome back’.

Here’s the tracklist: 

  1. “Dumb & Dumber” (덤앤더머)
  2. “What’s Wrong?” (왜 또)
  3. “I Miss You So Bad” (아니라고)
  4. “Rhythm Ta” (리듬 타; Rhythm Ta)
  5. “Anthem” (이리오너라; Irioneora; B.I & Bobby)
  6. “Apology” (지못미; Ji Mot-mi)
  7. “Airplane”
  8. “My Type” (취향저격; Chwihyangjeogyeok)
  9. “Today” (오늘따라; Oneul Ttara)
  10. “Welcome Back”
  11. “Rhythm Ta Remix” (리듬 타; Rhythm Ta).

iKon is a YG labeled rookie group who attracted a lot of people with their powerful debut. After their full-length album, they have recently announced their tour and managed to sell out in 10 minutes!

Check out their Music video and I hope you like it! 



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