‘Letting Go’ Day6 Review


Day6 is back with their album ‘Daydream’ after 7 months and the title track couldn’t get any better! They’re tugging at Fans’ heart strings with the MV of their song ‘Letting Go’  which is an R&B rock song and you will find your feels running all over the place as soon as you click on this comeback title song.

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The song starts with beautiful harmonization of their vocals. AH!! The feels! In this album the members have taken part in the production, composing, writing, etc and that’s what makes it so much more appealing as the lyrics and music comes directly from their hearts instead of something given to them to be performed.

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The blue lights under which they are performing give out those vibes of sadness, grief and well, blues. Jae begins singing and the broken guitars near him represent the condition of his heart which is also broken into pieces due to the memories of the past and the loneliness of the present, the relationships that can’t be mended just like those instruments destroyed into pieces. Sungjin in the car with broken windows again represent their broken state. If you do not want feels punching you in the face and leaving you in a puddle of sadness and tears I would suggest you not to turn the English captions on because the lyrics written by the members themselves are so heart wrenching you can feel it in their voices, they’ve portrayed the emotions so well. They lyrics concentrate on moving on from what happened in the past and letting go even though it’s difficult. Even if they shared happiest of the memories sometimes holding on is not the best thing to do and sometimes you have to let go of things and people and move on even if it is hard and painful. In various scenes where there are so many duplicates of the same members show different parts of them with different memories.

DKPOP India {kpop-india}‘Letting Go’ Day6 Reviewday6 letting go mv

During Young K’s part he is playing the keyboard while his duplicates or perhaps his pass- selves even though in front of keyboards are not playing it, thinking about the incidents of that happened and the emotions felt. In such a simple MV they’ve symbolized so much its worth appreciating.

Young K’s rap part fits in meticulously, it’s strongly filled with intense emotions.

Overall the song and the MV does not fail to get the fans hooked up completely. The vocals, lyrics, instruments, effects all of it in just one word – Splendid!

Dkpop india {kpop-india}‘Letting Go’ Day6 Reviewday6 lettinggo

We all know Day6 was a 6 member band until a month back Junhyuk had to leave and now they are continuing as a 5 member band, in the scenes where they’re playing together they’ve left a spot with one of the keyboards empty, for the member whom they had to let go of because of circumstances, even if he is no more a part of them that doesn’t mean his memories will leave their side and there will always be a place for Junhyuk within their hearts. The song might seem to be about a girl but the overall feel of the song and the situation cannot help but remind us of the fact that one of their member left. Even with all the tension going on Day6 has made a flawless comeback!

The mini album ‘Daydream’ has 6 tracks:

  1. First Time
  2. Blood
  3. Letting Go
  4. Sing Me
  5. I Hope
  6. Hunt

They’re finally promoting on music shows! Are you as excited as we are?


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