List of winners from 2015 KBS Entertainment Awards!

The list of winners for "2015 KBS Entertainment Awards"!


The 2015 KBS Entertainment Awards just got over and in case you missed it, we have the list of winners for you!

The award ceremony was held in KBS Annex Public Hall today on December 26 with performances by EXID and G-Friend and was hosted by AOA’s Seolhyun, Sung Si Kyung and Shin Dong Yup.

Although the big winner of the night was Lee Hwi Jae ( better known as Seojun & Seoun Appa from “The Return of Superman” ) taking home the “Grand Award”,other big winners includes ‘Gag Concert‘ and ‘2 Days & 1 Night‘. Check out the full list of winners below:

  • Viewers’ Choice Best Program : “ 2 Days & 1 Night”
  • Grand Award : Lee Hwi Jae
  1. Radio DJ Award : Super Junior’s Ryeowook for “Kiss the Radio
  2. Best Idea: Min Sang Debate (Gag Concert)
  3. Best couple: Song Hae and Jo Woo Joong for “Looking Back on Myself
  4. PD’s Special Award: Choi Bool Am
  5. Best Teamwork: Neighbourhood Sports Team.
  6. Special contributor’s Award: Jo Tae Joon (Cameraman)
  7. Scriptwriter’s Award:
  • Lee Sang Joon (Show/variety category)
  • Choi Sang Hee (comedy category)
  1. Rookie Award:
  • Comedy category:
    • Female:  Lee Hyun Jung  for “Gag Concert”
    • Male: Lee Sae Jin for “Gag Concert”
  • Variety category:
    • Female: AOA’s Seolhyun
    • Male: Park Bo Gum and Lee Jae Yoon
  1. Best Entertainer:
  • Variety: Hong Kyung Min
  • Infotainment: Shin Hyun Joon
  • Entertainment: Lee Dong Gook and Kim Joo Hyuk
  1. Excellence Award:
  • Variety Category:
    • Female: Kim Soo Mi for “Looking Back on Myself
    • Male : Song ll Kook for “The Return of Superman”
  • Comedy Category:
    • Female: Lee So Ji for “Gag Concert”
    • Male: Lee Sang Hoon for “Gag Concert”
  1. High Excellence Award:
  • Comedy category:
    • Female: Kim Min Gyung for “Gag Concert
    • Male: Yoo Min Sang for “Gag Concert”
  • Variety Category: Park Myung Soo and Kim Jong Min
  1. Hot issue Variety Show Star Award: Choo Sung Hoon and Jung Hyung Don
  2. Meritious Deed Award: Late Producer Jin Pil Hong

What do you think about tonight’s winners? Did your favourites win? Let us know!


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