First Look: Love in The Moonlight


As the era of airing medical dramas comes to a close, we head into the time of historical dramas. (Do you sense the irony here?)

Love in The Moonlight or ‘Moonlight Drawn by Clouds’ (literal title) is a KBS2 drama that began airing on August 22nd. Relatively new, this drama experienced much hype way before it’s airing date, and quite unlike the promotions of a usual historical drama.

An interesting aspect, could be that it is based on a web novel by writers ‘KK’ and Yoon Yi Soo, developed into a drama script by Kim Min Jung and Im Ye Jin. It’s a bit funny, and quite rare, to have so many people working on the script and screenwriting for one drama. But, that definitely raises your expectations, doesn’t it?

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This drama will be starring Park Bo Gum and Kim You Jung in it’s lead characters, with Jin Young (B1A4), Chae Soo Bin and Kwak Dong Yeon as second leads.

Hong Ra On (Kim You Jung) disguises herself as a man in historical (what seems like Joseon era) and acts as a counselor in love. Due to a love letter that she had written on behalf of a client, she ends up meeting the Crown Prince Hyomyeong. The twist here is that the crown prince doesn’t know that she is a woman, and Ra On doesn’t know that it is the crown prince she has encountered. Slowly but surely, the crown prince develops romantic feelings for her, and this is when the court eunuchs decide to interfere.

As far as historical plots go, Love in the Moonlight looks general and predictable at first sight. But the pomp, the coldness and the separation amongst characters – that usually comes with a historical drama – is starkly absent.

One of my favourite tropes in this drama, so far, is that the crown prince seems more bothered by the falling apart of his three friends, compared to political instability. Hyomyeong is also portrayed as a notorious troublemaker, accompanied with a lot of angst and an aching for love, hidden in his character. Think – Siwon from She Was Pretty, as a crown prince. This definitely adds a new dimension to the otherwise prickly and holier-than-thou princes that we have usually seen in such dramas.

B1A4’s Jin Young makes a brilliant, and comical, entry into the drama as the grandson of the premier, and the aspirant king. He is the only one, in the entire drama, who figures out that Ra On is truly a woman, at first sight. It’s interesting to see a chaste playboy being affected by a court eunuch, that everyone believes is a man. Jin Young has efficiently pulled off a lot of characters with his ingrained mirth and troublemaker attitude. Putting him in a royal suit, doesn’t entirely take that away from his presence and that’s probably another thing I look forward to in this drama.

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The drama has managed to throw a palatable amount of twists and turns into it’s first episode (and second), and still manages to keep the viewer at the edge of their seat. As for the plot, they seem to have just brought in the characters and laid out a setting. Much like Gu Family Book, I believe we have a lot to look forward to.

PRO TIP: I do believe this drama is going to have atleast 1 amazing song from the OST that will be stuck in your head, in a loop. Look out for it!

For a first look, the drama delivers well in it’s plot and cast and definitely in it’s filming aesthetic. Wide landscape shots with well-balanced music are some of my favourites.

Keep an eye out for Love in the Moonlight, and support Park Bo Gum and Kim You Jung with this drama!


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