Lorde is “obsessed” with CL !

Lorde shows love for 2NE1's CL on Twitter


Lorde had previously declared that she is a big fan of K-Pop scene stating in an interview with Universal Music that she would like to collaborate with Lee Hi and is a  fan of 2NE1. She also mentioned that she needed dancing lessons from Girls’ Generation.

This time, Lorde has taken it to SNS to express her love for 2NE1’s CL gushing that she is “obsessed with CL” and also continued saying that CL is “so sweet and cool and tough and 100% a star“!

CL humbly replied with a “THANK YOU.

But the fan girl in Lorde continued to tweet that she hopes to get to hug CL one day and even linked her followers to CL and 2NE1’s performance at the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, stating that she is “so into this performance“.

Check out the tweets below:

The teenage singer-song writer hailing from New Zealand – best known for her hit single “Royals” – is one of the most talented artists of our time and it’s refreshing to see her fan girl as much as the rest of us K-Pop fans.

Lorde herself has a very unique style of music and has openly identified herself as a feminist and that may play a role in her interest in CL, considering that the leader of 2NE1 is one of the few female K-Pop artists to break free of several stereotypes and be successful at it.

It’s always wonderful to see our K-Pop idols receiving love from other international artists and perhaps we will even get to see a collab soon!


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