This should be LOVE YOON MI RAE MV review



The American born South Korean Rapper/Singer Yoon MiRae is back with her digital single ‘This love’. On the 13th of december the Queen of Hip Hop made her return with her beautiful ballad track. The artist received a lot of love from the fans by ‘Angel’ and ‘Sweet love’ from her previous tracks. The singer who works under Feel Ghood Music which was founded by her husband Tiger JK  is ready to shake up the industry with her splendid but tragic track.

Yoon Mi rae {kpop-india}This should be LOVE YOON MI RAE MV review2015 12 21 15 300x169The Single is an amazing slow tempo piano ballad which sweeps you away when MiRae’s husky voice rings in your ears to pleasure your hearts. MiRae is flaunting her incredible vocals in the song and it was nothing but eargasmic .The Track carries strong and intense emotions of heartbreaking love of a woman who has found out about her unknown feelings for a man but it’s too late. The Lyrics illustrates the regrets and the struggles she went through to get over an ex lover and asks him to remember the happy memories that they made together.

“Your empty spot
Is filling up with tears, my love
My love, I don’t think I can see you like that anymore”
2015-12-21 (7) {kpop-india}This should be LOVE YOON MI RAE MV review2015 12 21 7 300x169

The Music video is chasing simplicity yet appear to be very fascinating. The Visuals of the video plays around with bewitching combination of three main things; colors , contrast and fashion. From MiRae’s Hair to her makeup she looks nothing but marvelous and graceful in the video.
As the camera revolves around her and she stands still in the video which depicts how she’s stuck in This love even though time is flying by it’s irresistible for her to move on.

2015-12-21 (14) {kpop-india}This should be LOVE YOON MI RAE MV review2015 12 21 14 300x169 The Music video and song is marvelous ! Check her out.
Yoo MiRae’s Digital single is available go and grab it soon.





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