LOVELYZ Drops Teaser MV for “Destiny”!

LOVELYZ chase their 'DESTINY' in new teaser MV!


After releasing a series of teaser images, girl group LOVELYZ have finally dropped the teaser video of their comeback MV “DESTINY”!

In the 26 seconds long teaser, the girls seem to be lost in a thought as they lie down idle across the rooms. Are they thinking and dreaming about their ‘Destiny’? Well, we will only get to know once the whole MV is released! The teaser looks fresh and lively, as expected from LOVELYZ and the music sounds like it is going to be another energetic dance song from the girls!

After releasing their individual teaser images, the girls have also dropped the group image and the tracklist of their new trilogy ‘A New Trilogy’ a day before releasing the teaser MV of ‘Destiny’.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}LOVELYZ Drops Teaser MV for “Destiny”!lovelyz 1461164895 1 KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}LOVELYZ Drops Teaser MV for “Destiny”!lovelyz 1461164895 2

LOVELYZ’s new album will be dropped on April 25th. As we wait for the full release of the album, check out the teaser MV and leave us your thoughts!


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