Lovelyz Get On The Comeback Bandwagon!

The lovely girls are back!

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The lovely girls of idol group Lovelyz are soon making a comeback!

It was revealed recently by Woollim Entertainment that the girls are preparing for a comeback. And to add to the delight of Lovelinus, they won’t have to wait long!

The representative from the agency disclosed that they are planning to release Lovelyz’ new mini album by the end of this month. The girls are currently busy with their title track and music video preparations and putting finishing touch to their album. It was also revealed that the girls will go for a more mature concept this time.

Woollim has even started the teaser for their upcoming mini album. And it seems, the girls will have a new and refreshing concept with this new album as they announced a new trilogy with the teaser!

kpop india {kpop-india}Lovelyz Get On The Comeback Bandwagon!lovelyz

Lovelyz, is a eight member girl group by Woollim Entertaiment, who debuted back in 2014 with ‘Candy Jelly Love’. The girls who are yet to achieve their first win, made every one go ‘Ah Choo’ with their mini album ‘Lovelyz8’. This song which was released in September 2015 continues to remain in digital Korean music charts even in 2016. If you’re still safe from the Lovelyz-flu, here’s your chance to get lovesick:

The girls are making a comeback just four months after their December release ‘Lovelinus’, a three track single album, with title track ‘For You’. In the meantime they made several variety show appearances, including their own reality show ‘Lovelyz In Wonderland’ in February.

With a pretty logo and a new concept, Lovelyz are back with their second mini album! Will you support the girls in the ongoing fight of comebacks?


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