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After capturing our hearts with their innocence and fresh girly image Lovelyz are back with their single Album ‘Lovelinus’ . The single album is named after their Fanclub ‘ Lovelinus‘ which is interpreted as “Love in us”. The album consists of three tracks  – For you , Circle and Babe.
The 8 Lovely girls dropped a refreshing MV of their Title track ‘For you’ with a deep meaning hidden beneath the whole concept .The track is composed and organized by OnePiece as in the past yet this time the track seemed slightly different from their past tracks like ‘Ah-choo‘ and ‘Hi‘.
Instead of releasing a track about cute love songs and not only flaunting their innocent sides this time they’re trying to send a warm message to everyone and especially displaying their close friendship with one another!The Girls are looking forward to convey a different impression and a secret message through For You which will hit you like a summer beach waves in this cold winter.

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The Music Video starts with Yoo Jiae who’s holding a mysterious box and walking through a lonely sidewalk on a snow covered bridge which changes to a summery scene as she steps onto a clear water puddle covered with bright and dry fallen autumn leaves.
As the song starts, in a completely different summery scenery you can see the excited girls running and playing around with bright smiles which exhibits the happiness they feel inside just by being with each other.

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There are elements which represents their friendship. The objects symbolizes their happy experiences of warm summer in their lives when they were at the beach, hanging out with friends and were on Okinawa road trip. These beautiful experiences of the bright sunny days were later on stored in a Jar Of Dreams by the members for someone they’re worrying about who we speculate to be Jisoo, as it is in the lyrics.

“Keep your head up, I’ll be there for you.
My beloved
When Things get tough, you can lean on me
Lets share dreams”.

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In the end, the mysterious box first seen in Yoo Jiae’s hands was revealed to be the jars of Lovelyz’s dreams and happiness.  Jiae finally knocks a door with the box of Dream Jars for the girl (Ji soo) who has forgotten how to dream with her frozen heart.

kpop india {kpop-india}For You – Lovelyz MV Review2015 12 09 300x169In the end of the scene where the 8th Jar is being placed, can also be depicted as the 8th member who has joined the group after so much controversy. The track is secretly dedicated to Ji soo who had a hard time and was into depression. The song illustrates the worry and love to their beloved Ji soo. By giving Jisoo their Jar Of dreams, they’re showing support and strength to the 8th member to melt her worries away.

kpop india {kpop-india}For You – Lovelyz MV Review2015 12 07 7 300x169The scenes in the music video were bright and summery which will make your heart clench in the middle of December. All girls looked exceptionally beautiful without a doubt the stylists did an amazing job. The melody as well as their voices are amazingly beautiful and lyrics were like cherry on top.

As a whole it conveys a beautiful message about sharing love like the bright sunlight and dreams like the green fields with someone whose heart is covered with winter snow. The Lovelyz gave the lonely girl a reason to be happy with their happiness and we should do the same for someone else.

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