LUCENTE To Headline K-POP CONTEST INDIA 2017 + DEBUT in India!


K-Pop group LUCENTE confirmed to be the guest judge for the anticipated K-POP CONTEST INDIA 2017!

Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) finally revealed the guest judge for the annual contest K-POP CONTEST INDIA 2017. The contest in its 6th edition since its inception in 2012, has grown to become a major event for K-Pop fans in India. Rest assured, this year’s edition promises yet another exciting event and one can’t help but be excited for it.

LUCENTE is an upcoming seven member K-Pop Idol group consisting of U.Seong, Hero, Bao, XI.N, Kogun Z.Hoo and Jong Chan under Noga Entertainment. They will be the guest judge for the K-Pop Contest India 2017 Grand Finale as well as tour some of the regional rounds in Assam and Mumbai.

Watch their greeting to Indian K-Pop below.

In addition, LUCENTE will be also be “DEBUTING” in India! What an exciting start for them, is it not?

Yes, you heard it right! A first and surely a happy news to all K-Pop fans across India. This could be a start towards great things for K-Pop fans in India and we hope to see more K-POP groups debut in India in future. What do you say?

The Indian K-pop fans are no less and when the time comes, let us continue to keep the proud tradition and welcome them with our enthusiastic participation. Indian K-pop fans, fighting!

You can follow and support LUCENTE on their official page



The K-POP CONTEST INDIA 2017 GRAND FINALE will be held at New Delhi on 29th July.

Are you excited to meet LUCENTE? Stay tuned for more updates!


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