Lucky J to make a comeback in January 2016!

Jessi, J'kyun and J-Yo will be back in January 2016!


YMC Entertainment has announced that the hip-hop trio Lucky J (럭키제이) will be making a comeback in January 2016! Debuting in 2014 with the digital single “Can You Hear Me (들리니)“, as a whole the group has been off the music scene for quite some time with the group members taking some time off to pursue a few solo endeavors. Hence making fans wonder about their comeback and its now happening!

This year however we got to see Lucky J’s rapper/vocalist Jessi (제시) – best known as the first runner up on Season 1 of ‘Unprety Rapstar’ – feature on J.Y. Park’s “Who’s Your Mama?”, along with taking on a whole lot of solo projects and collaborations with fellow artists from the female rappers’ survival program. Her funky single “SSENUNNI (쎈언니)” was also one of the hottest tracks released this year! More recently, Jessi was also featured in Heize’s track “Me, Myself & I” alongside label-mate Wheesung.

Also, earlier in July we got to sample some swag from Lucky J’s leader/rapper J’Kyun (제이켠) with his summer single “Bad X (나쁜 X)” featuring MONSTA X’s Jooheon and Konsoul. The track garnered much interest amongst netizens and K-Pop fans for it’s explicit lyrics but sinfully catchy hook.

Vocalist and dancer J’Yo (제이요), a former member of the K-Pop group Touch, has however been laying low and fans can’t wait to see him and Lucky J return to the music scene!

Are you ready to hear some new music from Lucky J?


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