Luhan releases dancing ‘bloopers’ of his upcoming solo album


On 27th August, Luhan’s official YouTube channel Luhan Studio gave a sneak peek of him in the recording studio and  showed the behind the scene  video and now,  it has released a dancing ‘bloopers’ video  of Luhan though it does not look like a blooper because Luhan can definitely dance. Renowned choreographer Shaun Evaristo can be seen in this video and this definitely adds to the excitement.


Luhan’s solo album, ‘reloaded’ will be released on 14th September.  Famous producers Djemba Djemba and Stanell have worked with Luhan for this album.

Former EXO member Luhan will be the second EXO member after Tao to release a solo album as Kris has officially not released a solo album besides singing OST.  It maybe mentioned that Tao’s debut MV was removed from YouTube after claim of copyright, fans are wondering if this would happen with Luhan as well.  The three members are currently on a legal battle against SM Entertainment.