M.O.N.T Delights MINTs With Online Listen Up Show-Con

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The ardent trio, M.O.N.T under FM Entertainment is no stranger to our desi K-Pop fans – the group has showered us with numerous jaw-dropping performances every time they stopped by. The MINTs’ hearts have been longing to see their favourite artists come back to them, for it had been more than a year – and that’s when a sudden announcement from Pink Box Events landed, a wish granted from Heaven With a quick notice, the Listen Up online Show-Con was announced, following the act’s 3rd mini-album release.

The mini-album Listen Up! released a few hours before the online show on October 17. Inclusive of the surprising online show announcement, Indian fans were given a chance to participate in a giveaway where the winners had the opportunity to win a ticket and stream the concert. 

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After great anticipation, the concert went live at 8:30 pm IST, as the fans queued up to the online showcase and joined through the link sent to them. The show began as the trio took up the centre stage as MCs and led the concert by themselves. The wide smile on M.O.N.T’s faces and their bubbling enthusiasm show us how super-excited they were, just like us! On the other hand, MINTs around the world started showering their love through their comments. “MONT World Domination” was spammed in the comment section, to let the group know how valued and supported they were. Despite geographical distances, we could still feel the energy of being amidst a concert arena, interacting with the idols, as the members made sure to keep up with fans’ messages. The sweet exchanges between both the parties kept the live show even more heartfelt and fun. 

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The introduction and commentaries done by the members didn’t need any subtitles – the members took the effort to deliver their agenda in a simple language while Narachan tried his best to translate almost everything they spoke. Following the short introduction, the show began with an energetic performance of “BOOM BANG”, encouraging the viewers to take some time off their chaotic schedule, and enjoy the moment with M.O.N.T. The high energy had a shift with Roda and Narachan’s back-to-back solo performances of “Lethargy” and “September”. The talented rapper revealed to the fans that “Lethargy” was produced even before debut, and that had the fans dumbstruck. The members also performed special acoustic versions of Bitsaeon’s solo song, “Moonlight”, “Pain in the Rain” and “Sorry”, enchanting the viewers (us) with their soulful singing. 

As the event went on, the members made sure to check MINTs’ comments and suggestions to keep the Show-Con more interactive and fun. The group also sat down for a Quick Quiz, where the fans were asked three personal questions about the members to which they would have to answer through comments. If the questions weren’t answered in the given time, the members took in charge of taking penalties as tap dance and popping dance, which was indeed totally adorable. 

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Amidst the performances, a brief video of the act’s behind the scene interview was screened, where the members shared their experience and thoughts on preparing for their latest album. Narachan, Bitsaeon, and Roda took pride in declaring the mini-album as a self-produced one while talking about the long process they had to go through to bring it out. 

The members took the short interval to change into leather black outfits for the finale performances of their latest single, “Anti-Hero” and “Shadow,” making the crowd go “Na-nana-nanana”  and “La Di Da Di” while jamming to the beat.

With heavy hearts, the viewers had to bid a goodbye to their idols as the 2 hours concert came to an end with the members extending their love and gratitude to MINTs, who made the day memorable. 

The post-concert response was also more of a celebration as Desi fans expressed their joy of meeting their idols through the screen! Here are a few personal messages sent by the fans!

Desi Fans’ Messages!

The concert was so fun. I did enjoy it like I’m right in front of them. In reality, we shout out lungs out in front of them but this time we did shout but also commented on fire. It was so good to see them performing live again. I literally felt attacked when they changed their outfits for Anti-Hero performance. Woah I’m so happy to be their MINT. Also, NARACHAN n BITSAEON read my comment once so I feel sooooo good. Also, I express my gratitude to Pinkbox Events for letting us meet MONT again through Online concert. – Riya Choudhary, New Delhi.

Today’s concert was something that I want to cherish for a long long time. The reason is that last year when they came to Bangalore, I couldn’t go and now I regret it badly. I keep asking MONT in their Vlive whether they will come to India again and all they say is “sure, once the situation gets better”. So this concert meant a second chance for me since I missed the first one. I enjoyed every single sec of today and could connect with MONT through chat. They did notice me and I’m happy about that. Someday I would really love to work for them and use my talent and skills to get them to the top! They are an inspiration! – Praise, Goa, India.

Even though the world is facing so many problems, amidst all this music is something that makes us forget everything, even if it is for some time. Screaming and cheering for  M.O.N.T, I had the best time at the concert and seeing them, even though through a screen, it made me so happy that I have replayed all the songs in my head !! M.O.N.T 사랑해!!! – Manisha from Delhi. 

I was smiling through the entire concert! Seeing them live after so long even if it’s through a screen meant so much to me. I loved all the songs from the new album and their performances were so well done too! I’m so proud of my boys🥺✨ – Viviana, New Delhi.

Personal Thoughts

Being a follower of M.O.N.T, getting to attend one of their concerts has always been in my bucket list. Though I was never able to attend one in person, the online show filled my heart with contentment. It was such a beautiful experience to start off a weekend by watching the talented artists stage some of their best performances. I personally loved their acoustic performance of “Moonlight” (me fangirling over Bitsaeon) and the fiery single, “Anti-Hero”. The fact that the latest release was a self-produced EP also got me amazed and I really hope that the album receives the attention it deserves. It is definitely not an understatement when MINTs mean that the trio is one of the talented squads in the industry and it is vivid with the members investing hard work and dedication to bring out the best content. To conclude: make sure to check out of M.O.N.T’s latest album and don’t miss out on their concerts the next time! 

Get to listen M.O.N.T’s latest Album on Spotify!

Did you get to watch M.O.N.T’s concert? If yes, let us know how you enjoyed the experience!! Would you like to see M.O.N.T in India soon? Show them some love in the comments!!


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