MAMAMOO Apologise For Their ‘Inkigayo’ Slip Up!

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Girl group MAMAMOO who are on a winning spree with their ‘You’re The Best’ apologised for their slip up at the recent episode of ‘Inkigayo’.

On the March 13 broadcast of SBS ‘Inkigayo’, MAMAMOO were the contenders for the first place for their ‘You’re The Best’ along with AOA’s Jimin ft. EXO’s Xiumin’s ‘Call You Bae’ and TWICE’s ‘Like OOH AHH’.

But in their acceptance speech, member Solar said, “Thank you so much to our fans, and also thank you to all the people that worked so hard for us, and those that are still working hard for us. We consider it an honor to have even been a candidate for first place with Taemin sunbae.”

Taemin who was present on the stage along with them smiled casually at their honest mistake.It may be noted that MAMAMOO had been having faceoffs against Taemin for first place on music shows for past weeks and that might probably have caused the slip of tongue.

Below is their acceptance speech at ‘Inkigayo’:

Clearing up the situation, MAMAMOO apologised to all the artists involved through their official twitter account on the same day.

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They posted, “There was so much going on that we made a mistake, and our words were discourteous to Taemin sunbae and his fans. We’re sorry. We are also very sorry to sunbae Jimin of AOA, Xiumin sunbae, and the members of TWICE.”

What do you think of this issue ? Was an apology needed ?


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