Mamamoo To Make Their Comeback With Full Length Album

MAMAMOO is ready to make their comeback!


MAMAMOO who had caught attention for their strong and impactful vocal performances will finally be making their comeback with their first full length album titled “Melting” and they have dropped their teaser ahead of it.

According to their label Rainbow Bridge, MAMAMOO has been preparing hard for this album and will be showcasing their one of a kind charms for their fans in the upcoming album.

MAMAMOO has been consistently in the spotlight for their vocal talents and great performances. They had debuted in June 2014 with their debut song “Mr Ambiguous” and had last made their comeback with their third mini album “Pink Funky” and title track “Um Oh Ah Yeh”. Their powerful stint in Immortal Song has also helped catapult their popularity as artists. MAMAMOO has also released a single titled “I Miss You” ahead of their upcoming comeback on February 26th.

Stay tuned for more updates.


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