Is MAMAMOO’s Solar a North Korean Refugee?


On a recent episode of JTBC‘s variety show “Knowing Brothers“, MAMAMOO‘s Solar addressed rumors about her alleged past as a North Korean defector.

The hosts inquired the singer about the interesting theories of her being a North Korean refugee. In response, Solar explained that these baseless rumours arose from the fact that there were no released pictures of her past.

Before MAMAMOO became popular, their Korean fans used to joke that the reason Solar didn’t have any past pictures was because she was from North Korea. However as the group gained stardom, people mistook these troll posts made by fans for the truth, and as the rumor spread, more and more people began to believe them.

Solar finally put the ridiculous rumours to a rest by releasing several of her childhood pictures!

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Meanwhile, MAMAMOO’s last comeback was with “Décalcomanie” in November.


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