MAMAMOO’S Suprise Sub-Unit!


The girl-group MAMAMOO bombed fans with a surprise announcement about a new sub-unit, on their social media channels, on August 26th.

With the release of teaser picture, the sub unit shows two vocals and two rappers of the group, dressed similarly but with different expressions.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}MAMAMOO’S Suprise Sub-Unit!95561079

The unit is supposed to contain Solar and Whee In of the vocal or ‘angel’ line and Moon Byul and Hwa Sa of the ‘rapper’ line.

The track was first released during their first solo concert 2016 MAMAMOO Concert-mosical and was extremely well-received by their fans. Looks like the group decided to release the sub-unit track earlier than expected, all for their fans!

The track will be officially released on August 31st.

Are you just as excited as we are?



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