Manipur EXO-L Enjoy Their Own Special Virtual EXO Concert!


EXOL of Manipur attended a very special event on 26th June, 2017— A fan made virtual EXO concert!

A total of one hundred and thirty nine enthusiastic fans gathered in a previously long unused movie theatre in Manipur by the name of Shanker Talkies, and made the place seem alive again, filling it up with their colorful balloons, hand-made signs, and EXO lightsticks.

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The event started off with the music video for EXO’s 2016 mega-hit Monster“, triggering loud cheers from the fans. Deafening fanchants filled the hall, creating an electrifying atmosphere which seemed no less real than an actual concert.

The concert footage from the Tokyo Dome Exordium was screened next. The fans reacted to the concert on screen as if they were experiencing it in front of their very own eyes! Every song was loudly sung along together, and fanchants were screamed throughout. EXO-L seemingly became one with EXO, as the enormous distance between Manipur and Korea appeared to have vanished completely.

The concert came to an end with fans singing along to “Promise“. It was a beautiful sight— the big dreams of fans had come true in that small hall!

EXO-L went back with a very special memory. The experience was genuine enough to make them forget it was a virtual concert. The fans promised at the end that would always be together through thick and thin.

Indeed, EXO-L will always be a strong fandom, lasting through the end of time!

We are one! Saranghaja!”

Do you wish to hold such an event in your state?


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