Upcoming K-Pop Contest India 2018 Gathers Massive Response + Regional Round Venues & Dates Announced!


Are you ready for the exciting summer event, K-POP Contest India 2018? Find out the venue and dates in your cities for the most competitive regional rounds ever.

The upcoming 7th edition of K-Pop Contest India 2018 is moving to its second phase of the contest, having successfully completed its first round-online audition (video submission). The preliminary round witnessed massive response, with more than 500 videos submission and 1000+ participation across India. After a tough process of selection, the result of the shortlisted participants and crews for the regional round was announced on the 21st of May, 2018.

K-Pop’s popularity in India is growing rapidly and Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) has been monumental in its efforts for its growth. The annual K-Pop Contest India organized by KCCI brought home India’s first K-Pop experience to the fans. It has become the highlight for all the Indian K-Pop fans as they look forward to the contest each year and what it has to offer. The upcoming 2018 K-Pop Contest is no less exciting, fans across the country are hype and anticipating what this year’s event will bring.

KCCI has now announced the Dates and Venues for the K-Pop Contest India 2018 second phase which is the Regional live audition. This year, 10 states will host the regional round – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Patna, Bengaluru, Odisha, Hyderabad, Mizoram and Manipur. You can check out the details of the dates and venues below


The K-Pop Contest India is part of the unique festival organized by South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), is a world-wide event for K-pop fans with a fierce competition in the biggest scale. The preliminary rounds held in around 70 countries single out a representative for the final stage in Changwon, South Korea. India has produced two stars from the competition, vocalist ‘Priyanka Mazumdar’ who won 3rd Prize in the 2016 edition, and dance team ‘Immortals Army’ who won 2nd Prize in 2017 edition at the world stage, representing the mesmerizing talents of Indian youth.

DKPOP Team wishes all the very best to all the winners of the online round. We look forward to an exciting and healthy competition at the regional round.

Stay tuned!


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