Minzy launched her official Facebook account.


Former member of the power girl group 2NE1, Gong Minji, famously known as Minzy launched of her official Facebook account to connect with her fans more!

On 25th 00:00 KST, her Million+ twitter followers got the update when she shared 2 stunning photos with a link to her Facebook page. It definitely was a happy news for the fans and her followers on the Facebook page has been increasing since.

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Minzy also shared a video introducing her new official Facebook account and welcoming the fans to her page. She added that she will be sharing more content about her future projects so the fans can be updated with her works as pursue her dreams as an artist.

Although we might not know the reason behind Minzy‘s departure from 2NE1, it is a good news to all the fans that her dream is still on the go. Minzy signed with ‘The Music Works’ after her official leave from 2NE1 in April. A solo album is said to be in progress and is likely to released before the year ends.

Follow Minzy‘s official Facebook Page Click Here and her twitter account click Here for further updates.


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