MONSTA X achieves their goal of the year, First Solo concert.

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Mon Bebe's proud moment.

The Not so Rookie boy group Monsta X that came to life from the reality show “NO MERCY “, officially debuted first on May 18th of 2015, under Starship Entertainment. Monsta X, since have already released 3 mini albums, ‘Trespass’, ‘Rush’ and their latest mini album ‘The Clan pt. 1 < LOST >’ on 18th of May, 2016 right after their first year anniversary.

Starship Entertainment held Monsta X’s First Solo concert, an event that stretched for a good 2 day, from July 16th to 17th in Blue Square theater at Hannamdong, Seoul.

Upon announcement of their first Solo Concert on May 31st, the fans were on the edge of their chairs and when the tickets were released on June 7th via interpark, the tickets were sold out within the first 5 minutes.

Of course there is a reason why Monsta X’s fans attended both the days of event and the venue being sold out, Monsta X have been very appreciative of the love and support they have been receiving from their fans and also Monsta X’s hard work is not going unnoticed. As a HipHop group, Monsta X showed a different side not only performing their title songs ‘Trespass ‘, ‘Hero’ and ‘All In’ but along with total of 28 songs. Entertained the fans with little extra by dancing to trendy Girl Group songs like TWICE’s “Cheer Up” and GRFRIEND’s “Me Gustas Tu“. The event last for about 2 hours and 3O minutes.

Completing their main goal of the year, and held a Solo concert. This was one special moment for both Monsta X and Mon Bebe that will be printed on their memories and hearts for a long time.


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